In collaboration with the British Embassy, PUSPEN TNI Hosted Media Operations Course

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(PUSPEN TNI).  In collaboration with the British Embassy in Jakarta, PUSPEN TNI hosted a 4-day virtual Media Operations Course, held in Balai Wartawan Conference Hall, Puspen TNI, Jakarta (15/3/2021). 


Addressing the opening ceremony at Balai Wartawan Conference Hall PUSPEN TNI, TNI HQ, the Chief of PUSPEN TNI Maj Gen. Ahmad Riad, S.I.P., emphasised that all operations these days are virtually conducted under the spotlight of the media, as the advances in technology has brought information to a much wider audience, and almost virtually in real time.


“Nowadays, the Internet is used to spread or circulate information and opinion, including rumour and disinformation,” he pointed out.


“All this reinforces the need for a pro-active information stance with a global reach. Consequently, there is a need to be proactive in ensuring that the presentation of any actions that we take is positive, accurate and credible whilst at the same time countering attempts to undermine public support.”


The Chief of PUSPEN TNI therefore revealed to the participants that they will benefit from a range of presentations, exercises to media outlets, and consider why it is important to address and view media operations as an important core component of the current operating environment.


“This course will help you examine the impact of social media on traditional media outlets and how you can feed in and promote key positive messages to these outlets. You will learn how to plan media operations, both in the event of Military Operations for War (OMW) and Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW). Furthermore, you will experience what it is like to be a spokesman in front of a television reporter. Fostering good relationships with reporters is critical and you will be considering how to look at military events from a journalist’s viewpoint,” said the General.


“I would express my highly gratitude for the support of the British Embassy in realizing this virtual course and the work of Col (ret) Ronnie McCourt of Sandhurst for delivering such valuable lessons,’ he concluded.


In addition, this year’s course is attended by thirty public affairs officers posted to the Media Center units across the TNI HQ while complying with a strict health protocol during the course.