TNI Commander-in-Chief: Peacekeeping Mission in Congo is a Challenging Task

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(TNI Information Center). Peacekeeping mission task in Congo is a challenging task. Therefore, how to prepare and to manage the task is a challenge.


It was the written remarks by the TNI Commander-in-Chief Marshal TNI Dr. (H.C.) Hadi Tjahjanto, S.I.P., as read by the Chief of General Staff for TNI Lt. Gen. TNI Ganip Warsito, S.E., M.M., on a departure ceremony of the 2021 MONUSCO Task Force at the TNI Headquarters Plaza, Cilangkap, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/2/2021).


The TNI commander-in-Chief emphasized that the Indonesian soldiers at UN missions were not only known for their professionalism in carrying out their duties, but also for their ability to win the hearts and minds of the people in the deployment areas.


"Therefore, with the principle of ‘To Win Heart and Mind’ the mission would run as expected due to the well-acceptance by the community in the area of operation," he added.


Furthermore, the TNI commander-in-Chief believed that with the training, skills, and knowledge that the task force soldiers had received during the pre-deployment training would really be useful in executing the task.


"Complete the lessons-learned from the predecessors task force with adaptive and innovative tactical skills to achieve a successful mission. Moreover, the task force commander must really understand the capabilities as well as the limits of their capabilities, job details, standard operating procedures, and predetermined rules of engagement," concluded the TNI Commander.


In addition, the 2021 XX-R MONUSCO Garuda Contingent comprised of 175 joint soldiers from the three-Armed Forces services namely the Army, Navy and the Air Force.