161 Garuda Contingent Personnel Arrived in Beirut Lebanon

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(TNI Information Center). A total of 161 Garuda Contingent (Konga) personnel which consisted of 136 personnel XXIII-O / UNIFIL Mechanical Battalion Task Force and 25 personnel FPC Konga XXVI-M2 / UNIFIL Task Force arrived in Beirut, Lebanon and welcomed by the Garuda Contingent Commander Col. Inf Amril Haris Isya Siregar, S.E., M.M., Sunday (21/02/2021).


Upon the arrival, all task force personnel carried out Covid-19 health protocols such as sprayed by disinfectants, body temperature checked, and handsanitized.


At the welcoming event, the Commander of Konga welcomed and congratulated the incoming task force for carrying out their forthcoming duties in the mission area and advised them to maintain the good name of the Republic of Indonesia which has been well-noted so far.


Col. Amril further suggested the task force to apply the knowledge they gained while joining Pre-Deployment Training as peacekeeper at IPSC.


“Perform your best for the Republic of Indonesia, carry out duties according to the applicable procedures, show the best attitude, behavior and morals, avoid violations and comply to zero offense to the end of the assignment," he concluded.


After receiving the direction from the Contingent Commander, all personnel headed to their respective mission areas. FPC Konga XXVI-M2 / UNIFIL Task Force headed to Naqoura while the XXIII-O / UNIFIL Mechanical Battalion Task Force will be deployed at UNP 7-1, Adshit Al Qusyr South Lebanon.