Tanzania Military Police Unit Checked Garuda UNIFIL Contingent’s Equipment

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(TNI Information Center). The Tanzania Military Police Unit checked the equipment of Garuda troops who are the members of the Garuda Contingent (Konga) UNIFIL 2019-2020 at the Soedirman Camp Naqoura field, Saturday (20/02/2021).


This equipment check was carried out in regard to the Garuda UNIFIL troops who are about to accomplish their mission as a Peacekeeping Force under the auspices of the United Nations in South Lebanon.


The series of inspection by the Tanzania Military Police included goods weighing, goods classifying, goods labelling, goods packing into containers and sealing up the locks afterwards.


At the inspection event, Garuda Contingent Commander Col. Inf Setyo Wibowo, S.I.P, M.Sos. suggested that all personnel who belong to the last batch of homecoming to carefully check the equipment of each unit including personal belongings which will be brought home as in accordance with the applicable regulations to avoid customs violation.


The inspection process was attended by all Commanders of the 2019-2020 Konga UNIFIL Task Forces, namely the CO of CIMIC Task Force Lt. Col. Inf Bagus Budi Adrianto, FPC Co Lt. Col. Inf Amril H. Tehupelasury, SIP, MCOU Co Maj. Inf Sriyono, SIP, and Level II Hospital Co Maj. Ckm dr. Zaltonys Tolombot, Sp.M.


In addition, such equipment  inspection was also carried out at SEMPU and in Indobatt, which is in the Sector East area and was directly supervised by the SEMPU Task Force Co Lt. Col. Cpm Adesan Arief and Indobatt Co Lt. Col. Inf Prasetyo Ari Wibowo.